I had a teacher in high school who was always telling us to dress well if we wanted to do well.

She was talking about taking the English AP test, but I took the advice to heart and have made it an integral part of the way I think about style. There are days where my lengthy to-do list nearly keeps me from getting out of bed, and I feel like I can barely look in the mirror let alone pick out a killer outfit for the day. That's probably why I wear black and white so often -- it's easy to mix and match my pieces on the roughest of days.

Below are two of my all-time favorite, go-to pieces to wear to the office or out on the town... Or BOTH! These pieces can transition seamlessly from the duties of the day to happy hour, and I'm now renting them out on Garment Exchange so you can try them out for yourself!

Choies Black and White Stripe Pencil Skirt

For Work

Style this skirt with a loose-fitting button down blouse and blazer for work. Keep it clean with a monochrome colored top, or jazz it up with a pop of color. You already know my go-to color -- black!

For Play

Keep it classy for happy hour by taking off that blazer and throwing on some super chunky heels. Add a cuff to your arm to jazz it up a little, and let your hair down after your long day!

Rent this skirt here.

Brandy Melville Black T-Shirt Dress

For Work

You can be ready and out the door in ten minutes when you throw this dress on. It doesn't need much for work, and pretty much speaks for itself. It's classy and clean cut yet visually pleasing thanks to that simple stripe around the neckline.

For Play

Chunky shoes are a MUST for wearing this dress to cocktails in the city, but I absolutely love styling it with my favorite Adidas sneakers as well. If you want to really dress it down, pair it with a cargo jacket, baseball cap and oversized bag.

Rent this dress here.

Do you have a favorite work-to-play outfit? Comment below!