When I was eight years old, I spent every afternoon in my favorite spot in the house. It was the craft room, a designated space where I could let my imagination run wild... A space where I obsessively kept every issue of InStyle carefully tucked away for my eyes to devour when no one else was around. 

There, sprawled on my tummy all alone in the comfort of my creative haven, I would dissect each issue page by page. Paragraphs were circled, new outfits were pieced together for spreads, and sticky notes were placed meticulously on the pages I thought needed some work. I didn't know it back then, but I was already working toward my dream in content creation and publishing.

Life has been a little crazy and a little complex since then, but I've almost unknowingly used my love for content to propel me from one endeavor to the next during my college and post-grad years.

Whether it's an Instagram photo of a new restaurant I've been to three times this week, a quick Self Care Sunday post to let my other post-grad people know they aren't alone in feeling lost and confused, or a few tips about how I've been practicing wellness lately, I use content as both an outlet for my frustration and a tool to connect with and inspire whoever may come across Miss Madds on the internet.

I'm not jumping out of planes or traversing the world on a semi-regular basis like my favorite bloggers because #broke #post #grad, but I do enjoy living every day to the fullest and taking part in the simple pleasures life has to offer. A 30-minute yoga session, episode of Bob's Burgers, or early night tucked in bed with a book and some hot tea suffice just as well.

Don't be shy -- Traverse this site for my Austin living trips, style and beauty picks, and wellness rituals fit for any lifestyle.